The FOCUS Business Conference is a

conference for men and women looking to create and manifest the business of their dreams.  

This is a 3-day conference centered around being a

modern business owner in the working world...

We are gathering Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Investors to spark conversation around the topics they are passionate about from building their business growth to raising money. This conference will hit all the topics for the modern entrepreneur. 

At the FOCUS Business Conference you are destined to meet other talented, like-minded men and women, all while learning tips and tricks from some of the best in the business. Attendees get access to a highly curated, impactful one-day program of TED Talks, workshops, and panels, as well as delicious cocktails, food, pop-up shops, photo booths, gift bags, and more.

We plan for our attendees come to feel inspired, enhance their business, mix, mingle and manifest new friendships in an amazing and beautiful environment!


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