2021 reFOCUS Conference Schedule

Friday, March 5, 2021 

    Conference Check-in
    VIP Wine Tasting

Saturday, March 6, 2021 

    Conference Check-In

    Morning Session
    Opening Keynote
    Morning Breakout Session 1
    Morning Breakout Session 2

    Lunch Break

    Afternoon Session
    Main Stage Panel 
    Afternoon Breakout Session 3
    Closing Keynote
    Attendee Mixer

Sunday, March 7, 2021 

    Farewell Brunch
    Brunch Welcome
    Brunch Keynote
    Speaker Q&A

Choose Your Track!

Our breakout sessions are specifically geared towards these 3 tracks to help you grow your business in the areas you need the most:

Track 1: reFINANCE 

Designed for those looking to financially prepare their business to maintain, scale, and grow.

Cash in Your Ideas


The Million Dollar Mindset


ReManage Your Investment Workshop

Track 2: reBRAND 

Designed for those looking to dive into the importance of brand strategy & brand targeting.

Make Your Mark


ReTarget Your Audience


ReBrand for Success


Track 3: reSTRUCTURE 

Designed for those looking to understand business structure and enhancing your team structure.

Ready, Set, Structure


Creating Business Structure


Growing Your Team


What are Tracks?

Wondering what tracks are and how they work at the reFOCUS Conference? Read more below!

Q: What are tracks?

A: Our tracks are organized breakout sessions used to help our guests focus on the information they deem most valuable for their business.

Q: How do I choose my track?

A: All attendees will have the opportunity to choose their track with their VIP or Executive Ticket purchase. General admission ticket holders will have the opportunity to add tracks to their ticket purchase for an additional fee. 

Q: How many tracks (breakout sessions) can I attend?

A: All VIP and Executive ticket holders will have the opportunity to attend one live track during the conference. VIP Ticket holders will receive on demand access of one additional track with their ticket purchase (add the remaining track for a fee with ticket purchase). Executive ticket holders will receive on demand access of all tracks with their ticket purchase.

Q: Will Virtual Ticket Holders have access to tracks?

A: Yes! Our virtual ticket holders will have the options to choose one track included with their ticket purchase. Virtual ticket holders will have the opportunity to add additional tracks to their ticket for an additional fee. 

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