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The FOCUS Business Conference invites you to be apart of our vendor marketplace. Conferences are attended by guests, sponsors, and speakers. As a vendor you will have the opportunity to showcase your business and products to over 50 guests at at both events during the conference.

Why become a Vendor?

• Increased Brand Exposure

• Increased Selling Opportunities

• Enhanced Selling Experience

• Increased Opportunity of New Customers

• Increased Social Media Presence

• Opportunity for Professional Photos & Videos

Vendor Options

Virtual Vendors

Our Virtual Vendors will have the opportunity to advertise their business online in our virtual marketplace as well as advertise within our virtual conference to guests, speakers, sponsors, and media.

Conference Vendors

Our Conference Day Vendors will have the opportunity to set up a booth at the FOCUS Business Conference on Saturday that will be attended by our guests. Vendor tables are limited, but all vendors will have the opportunity to live stream the conference while working their tables.

Diamond Vendors

Our Package Vendors will have the opportunity to set up a booth at both the reFOCUS Business conference on Sunday as well as enhanced advertising and marketing to our guests.

Vendor Spaces are Limited!

Application Deadline is

January 31, 2021

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