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Thank You to Our 2021

Main Hosts & Keynote Speakers

Andy T.

Keynote Speaker

Andy Thibo is a Managing Partner and Senior Wealth Strategist of Creative Resource Foundation, Personal Affairs, and Management. In 2011 she launched her company, The Creative Resource Foundation, and has since helped over 200 clients achieve home ownership, secure long term financial responsibility, and helped business owners secure funding.

Erica M.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Erica D. Montgomery, MBA is a wife, entrepreneur, author , speaker , certified life and business coach  and counselor. She has worked with reputable businesses and individual people to develop strategies for success in life and business. Through coaching and counseling she has worked to transform lives and relationships through empowerment. Erica is the owner of Kingdom Business Growers, LLC.

Marc C.

Keynote Speaker

Award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and veteran Marc Coley is The Founder of The Marc Coley Business Academy based in Atlanta, GA. The Marc Coley Business Academy seeks to marry the world of spirituality and business development. Marc is passionate about helping entrepreneurs gain clarity and insight into personal development and business development for maximum growth.

Panel Moderators

Chandra Photo.JPG
Chandra G.

Main Panel Moderator

Integrity and hard-work have always been the hallmarks Chandra has used to build successful and profitable businesses through her consulting firm has working with entrepreneurs to help them create foundations for success through her boutique consulting and public relations firm, Chandra Gore Consulting.

Shayna Marshall

reStructure Panel Moderator

Shayna is the owner of multiple businesses and a real estate investor. Shayna is a fully licensed insurance agent and registered stockbroker. Her Allstate Insurance agencies offer the full spectrum of insurance products along with retirement and investment planning services.

India Hyman.jpg
India H.

reBrand Panel Moderator

Known as the Cute and Covered preacher, India Hyman is a mother, daughter, role model, intellectual, trailblazer, motivational speaker, former NBA Jr. Wizards dancer and a loyal friend. She is the Chief Executive Officer of India Hyman Enterprise/Ministries located in Atlanta, GA.

Tiara J copy.JPG
Tiara J.

reFinance Panel Moderator


Power in the Pivot Panelists

Audrieanna B.


Audrieanna Burgin is an economist, growth strategist, and the founder and CEO of Visions Global Consulting. Through Visions Global, Audrieanna consults churches, non-profits, and entrepreneurs by assisting them in scaling and growing their businesses. Visions Global is a strategic consulting company and an emerging contender in the business consulting industry.

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Erica A.


Erica is a solo parent, youngest of 7, and Serial entrepreneur. ⁠

Wilson Darko.jpg
Wilson D.


Wilson currently works as a Power Systems Engineer by day, and is engaged in his community through mentoring, college and high school targeted strategic initiatives, and supporting college students throughout the country in advancing their professional development. He is also the founder/owner of Kofi Enterprises, a consulting business that helps individuals and small businesses tap into their highest potential through strategic planning, and road mapping

Cash in Your Ideas Panelists

Derrick M.


As the CEO of LOUD MUZIK Derrick gives all the game on mastering your music so you can increase your earning power. ⁠As a leader, Derrick defies the odds of many by getting into the trenches with his team and learning all of the ins and out of business along side his LOUD team!⁠

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Abiola A.


Abiola Adediran is a corporate finance and business strategy expert, speaker, author, trainer and mentor, whose work and impact over the years have been instrumental in driving key transformation across different sectors in Nigeria. 

Make Your Mark Panelists

Brianna Watson.jpeg
Brianna W.


My name is Brianna I am a mother, dance studio owner, business coach, podcast host & nurse by trade. I represent All Things B! Business. Balance. Becoming.

Earleena F.


Earleena Fatosa is a highly innovative, passionate, and client-driven marketing professional who has successfully demonstrated her abilities in advancing online monetized growth for businesses and individuals across the globe. As the owner and CEO of Fatosa, LLC, a Social Media Marketing Agency, Earleena leverages her extensive marketing skills, experiences, and ardency to not only meet client profit expectations, but exceed them.

Curtis Turney Rentas


Curtis Turney-Rentas is a graphic designer, apparel designer, curator, and philanthropist located in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York where he was born and raised. Turney is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. by way of the Zeta Zeta Lambda Chapter. Curtis is also the founder of the Far Rock NPHC now known as Far Rock Greek Council, the first non-profit organization composed of Greek letter organizations on the Rockaway Peninsula.

Ready, Set, Structure Panelists


Tony McDaniels


Designer, creator and award-winning entrepreneur Tony L. McDaniels from St. Louis, MO. Tone was nominated and awarded Delux Magazine’s 30 under 30 Award which is bestowed upon the top 30 influencers and entrepreneurs under 30 from St. Louis. He relocated in September of 2019 where continues to operate HiTone Enterprises/Elevated Touch Designs and was hired as the Senior Graphic Designer at Atlanta Tech.


Tareka Coney


As a multi-skilled entrepreneur, prolific author and in-demand speaker, she’s known for putting business owners “up on game” and arming them with the wisdom they need to build (or rebuild) their business and personal credit and, ultimately, secure business capital. Recognizing that “credit is king,” Tareka has made it her nonstop mission to educate startups and small business owners on how to get their money right by first focusing on building (or restoring) their credit. 

K Micole.jpeg

K.Micole Moffett


K.Micole is a celebrity stylist, author, mindset coach speaker, and philanthropist being a master of her gift, her greatest attribute, is the ability to speak life and offer renewed hope, to broken people of all ages. Conquering the feud between other people’s opinion and societal views, of who she should be, sparked a passion to reach audiences in similar situations, living life silently merely existing. 

Workshop Leaders

Diamond Williams.jpeg

Diamond W.

Workshop Leader

As the CEO of Quality Aero Systems, Diamond Williams is responsible for operating all facets of the business. Diamond has a proven data based track record with almost 10 years of experience quality assurance/control field within aerospace manufacturing. Prior to Quality Aero Systems, Diamond is Data Engineer for Slalom _build; where she helped with cloud based data migrations.


Pamela M.

Workshop Leader

My name is Pamela McCleod, City Planner, Influencer, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Professional and Founder on On Purpose. On Purpose was created to help inspire and push others to align and fulfill their God-given purpose in life by implementing strategies and practical tools to do so. I believe that there is power in our stories and in our ability to be transparent. In pursuit of changing the world, I strive to help women everywhere see their value, strive for the impossible things and of course, walk in purpose!


Elona W.

Workshop Leader

As an author marketing coach, Elona helps survivors, coaches, and healers market their memoir or inspirational book to help transform the lives of women and men who resonate with their message. An author and motivational speaker, her memoir and anthologies are Amazon bestsellers and she’s written articles for the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Zlife, the magazine for Zumba.

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Audrieanna B.

Workshop Leader

Audrieanna Burgin is an economist, growth strategist, and the founder and CEO of Visions Global Consulting. Through Visions Global, Audrieanna consults churches, non-profits, and entrepreneurs by assisting them in scaling and growing their businesses. Visions Global is a strategic consulting company and an emerging contender in the business consulting industry.


Averri L.

Workshop Leader

Averri Liggins teaches business owners how to increase their visibility and connections so that they can grow their sales. As a Brand Strategist and Visual Content Creator, she has assisted non-profits, small businesses, and personal brands with their revenue and social media strategy.

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